ZeroBlock for Exchanges

The ZeroBlock trading platform is designed to be a universal front-end where users can trade on any exchange, and we are working hard to add support for more exchanges all the time.

Real Time Data

The best type of data arrives in real time, and the best way to integrate your exchange with ZeroBlock is to implement a streaming data feed from your exchange. We are versed in WebSocket,, and SockJS browser technology, but we can accommodate whatever solution your exchange provides.

Trading API

ZeroBlock users place orders through our platform, but our server places orders with the exchange. The user's trading credentials are encrypted on our server, but no security is perfect. In order to best protect users and exchanges, we request that the exchanges we support provide revokable exchange keys with limited account privileges. We want to provide the user with account balances, trade history, and trading access. We DO NOT want to be able to withdraw funds from our end.

Widespread Support

We hope to be able to support many exchanges as time goes on, providing a consistent trading experience for the Bitcoin markets. If you are an exchange and would like to have your users trade through ZeroBlock, please contact us at the support forum.